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PV Transfer Form

The Example to Fill the PV Transfer Form Double Click to Enlarge

The Cash Order Statement On Mobile Stokist Purchase

PV Transfer Form Page 1

PV Transfer Form Page 2

PV Transfer Form Page 3

1. Fill the PV Transfer Form base on Cash Order Statement
2. Each box of Mentalk Candy have 40PV (point value). For whom already become a member in group, the can purchase at least 40PV (1 Box) of Mentalk Candy from their Mobile Stokist.
3. A Tranfer is not limit to single PV Transfer Form.
4. To Enjoy the Marketing Plan Bonus, each member must be maintain 120Pv (3 Box) each month for himself and cannot be transfer to other members. The 120PV can sell as loose pack for own profit.
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0123098849 (Asmawi)
0132960156 (Muhammad)